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Desmond Cook

Broward Metro Area Director

Shifting focus from finance to full-time ministry, Desmond Cook is a product of a graceful and merciful God, loving parents, Stanford University, and an amazing wife (Sarah Cook), endeavoring to help all those he comes in contact with to answer in the affirmative whether their spiritual houses are in order.

Previously, Desmond served as Chief Operating Officer at Multaply, Inc (M3 Healthcare Technologies). Combining his efforts in building and maintaining a strong internal infrastructure along with his tireless work with local government officials and agencies to bolster an equally strong outward persona for Multaply, Desmond helped garner regional recognition with an official proclamation from the Mayor and County Commissioners designating Tuesday, October 14, 2014 officially “Multaply Day” for Broward County.

Prior to Multaply, Mr. Cook held several senior level positions where he worked on streamlining and evaluating sales and operational processes. Most recently he was the Recruiting and Logistics Coordinator for DEE’s Educational Services where his strengths in team building and performance improvement were coupled with human resource management, billing, collections, cash management, finance, budgeting and cost management skills. Before DEE’s he held the position of Director of Operations for Relief Group International, a successful direct response company, where his strategy, vision and mission planning were coupled with his sales and marketing leadership to drive profitability while maintaining policy and procedure development in the fields of government regulations and relations.

With a personal philosophy of being a blessing to others as he’s been blessed by his heavenly Father, Desmond has made it a point to give back whether through ministry, public service or charities. He started reLACS (re-Live Always Christ Strong) Ministries, a fellowship group designed to encourage young adults to uplift and minister to each other in a “relaxed” environment, ultimately to empower participants to begin similar outreach ministries in their respective homes, churches and communities. He sits on the Board of Directors and is Treasurer for The McDougle Family Foundation, was Vice President of Youth Power Movement (a non-profit organization dedicated to “empowering our youth, strengthening their communities, and uniting our world”), Area Representative and chaplain with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and was dean of Biblical Studies at First Bethel Baptist Church. Before entering the private work sector, he was a math and leadership (Student Leadership Development Corps) instructor, as well as a successful football, track & field, and Academic Games coach. He’s coached three individual state champions in track & field, over 50 of his student-athletes to the state championship finals, multiple top 5 rankings for his units as both an offensive and defensive coordinator in football, coached over 40 student-athletes that went on to sign NCAA letters of intent (football scholarships), seven student-athletes that have gone on to play professionally, and led two students (from a first year program) to the Academic Games National Tournament. He has been honored and awarded with: Stanford University’s Greg Piers Memorial Award Winner; Ernie Nevers Memorial Scholarship; National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE Member); Stanford Black Scientist and Engineers (SBSE Treasurer); Brian-Piccolo Award recipient for top student athlete; Miami-Herald Student Athlete of the Year Award Finalist; and Clinician for Florida and Texas All Sports Clinics.



Rod Payne

Area Representative/NE Director

Christian Coy

Area Representative/Lacrosse Managing Director

Christian was among the original lacrosse players who started the program at Calvary Christian Academy nearly 8 years ago. In his senior year, while he was sidelined by a career-ending injury, he was hired as an assistant coach for the boys’ Varsity team. To date he is the youngest person ever to serve in an official coaching capacity in the program. He was responsible for managing relationships with faculty and staff at the school, handling off-field discipline issues and assisting in all aspects of practices and games. Over the last two years, Christian has lived in Montana, Guatemala, Cambodia and Uganda, where he provided leadership to teams of missionaries who were serving at multiple schools and churches. This provided him with an unprecedented opportunity to hone his leadership and administrative skills in exceedingly challenging conditions.

As Managing Director, Christian oversees the administrative portions of FCA Lacrosse Broward County. He also participates in coaching our teams.

Dr. Dorothy Cook

Operations Director

James Oilar

Colombia FCA Director / Broward Area Rep

James began his career in the Health Club industry before taking the “leap” of a lifetime. That leap involved leaving the comforts of the United States to serve as a missionary in Colombia, South America. Although James made just a one-year commitment, that one-year was life changing as the Lord gave him a vision to start the first-ever international branch of FCA in the City of Bogotá. Since then James and the rest of his Team expanded the ministry to an additional 10 cities in Colombia as well as Venezuela and he continues to oversee the ministry in both of these countries. Because of the rapid growth of the ministry, James felt called to move his family from Colombia to Broward County and now serves as the Broward Co. Area Rep for the Southwestern area.

Get to know James:

1. In his spare time James likes to spend time with his family, especially his 6 year old daughter!

2. He is a die-hard Mizzou fanatic! Go Tigers!

3 Favorite Sport: Football, football and more football!

4. Favorite Food: Barbeque