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What is Trench Warrior Camp?

Trench Warrior camp is a 3-day high school football camp dedicated exclusively to the most important part of any football team, the offensive and defensive linemen…the guys in the Trenches.

What makes Trench Warrior Camp different?

Trench Warrior Camp is coached almost exclusively by former collegiate and professional football (NFL) players, and some of the top line coaches in the state. Our coaches not only excelled on the field due to God-given abilities, but because they were technicians and students of the game. They’ll pour all this expertise into the campers to ensure they get the most out of every minute they’re on the field and in the film room. More important, campers will walk away better men, sons, students, teammates, players, and leaders!

What do I need to bring to camp?

Campers should bring their own shoes, cleats, socks, shoulder pads, helmets and mouthpiece. The camp will not be offering any type of rental equipment so it is mandatory that you supply your own. If you do not have the above items, you will not be able to participate in Trench Warrior Camp. You are required to bring a copy of proof-of-insurance. Without proof-of-insurance your camper will not be allowed to participate. You'll also need to bring toiletries and linens (pillow, sheets, blankets, etc.).

What does the daily Trench Warrior Camp schedule look like?

06:30am - Wake up
07:00am - Breakfast
09:00am - Practice
11:30am - Lunch
02:00pm - Workout on the field
04:30pm - Dinner
06:30pm - Workout on the field
09:30pm - Meeting
11:00pm - In Rooms
11:30pm - Lights Out

Camp Check-in

Check-In: 8 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Check-Out: 4:00 p.m.

Who should attend Trench Warrior Camp?

Any high school lineman who endeavors to take their talents to the next level, or simply want to help your team reach new heights, Trench Warrior Camp is for you!

How much is Trench Warrior Camp?

Trench Warrior Camp is $250.00 for an individual registration and $200.00 per person for a team registration. A team is 4 or more players from the same team attending the same camp and must be approved by Trench Warrior Camp staff. A limited number of full/partial camp scholarships are available.

How are positions assigned?

Since the coaches of Trench Warrior Camp feel it’s important to understand strategy on both sides of the ball, campers will learn the fundamentals of playing both the offensive and defensive lines. However, every camper will identify their primary position during registration.

Can I register for camp on site?

You must sign up in advance and online to register for Trench Warrior Camp. Early (discounted) registration ends May 6, 2019 at 11:59pm. Registration closes on June 1, 2019 at 11:59pm.  There are NO on-site registrations.

Will food and beverages be provided?

Yes. We will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty of water each day. Campers will be responsible for providing their own breakfast prior to the first day of camp.

Can parents/friends/relatives watch the camp while in session?

Yes. FOR PARENTS ATTENDING TRENCH WARRIOR CAMP: Parents will only be able to view the camp from the stands. No parents will be allowed on the field, only coaches with pre-approved status will be able to get on the practice field.

Will there be a trainer on site?

Yes. We will have a certified sports trainer on site at all times, along with all the necessary equipment to handle a multitude of minor injuries. In the event of a major injury, the participant will be required to go to the hospital of their guardian’s choice.

Will this be a full contact camp?

Trench Warrior Camp is a full contact camp so helmets and pads are required.

Will this be an overnight camp?


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